Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simply stunning

The red of the dress of the woman in the background, the brilliance of the tulips. Just breathtaking.

Icebergs in Berlin

Perhaps the greatest discovery of my time in Berlin was the sound of an iceberg. A series of sounds, really: the soft tap of two sheets colliding; the scrape as they part again; the long, slow creak when one iceberg becomes two, or when two that had collided and collapsed upon one another finally separate once more.

Just at the bridge that connected Kreuzberg (where we were staying), to the long, barren stretch of land that flanks the Berlin wall, a riverbed of icebergs - a broken veneer, black veins between the white ice. And as we watched, a recognition of the sound of ice, its whispers, its moans.

Here, some stills; I wish I had had a way to record the sound.

streetlamps in the markets of berlin

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pietr Uklanski - Abstract Mosaic of a Sort

I just came across the artist Pietr Uklanski yesterday, these beautiful mixed-media works created from pencil shavings. I don't know if he considers these works mosaic, but they have so many of the fundamental elements: the act of destruction (the breaking of glass or stone or, here, the shaving of the pencil) enabling the act of creation, the smaller pieces coming together to form a whole. I love how delicate the whole thing is. See more of his work at Gallerie Perrotin.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Well, old girl, I wish I was with you tonight, for I never felt half so lonely before."

Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

This is where the hundreds of fish came to the top for food.

As the title says, inscribed on the back in blue-black pen: "This is where the hundreds of fish came to the top for food. Sept '53, VT."

Without that caption, a picture of waves, an expanse of water like any other. With the caption, the place where something happened.

I also love that you can't quite make out any fish in the image, but also that there's some discoloration towards the bottom that could be one, or some....