Monday, December 6, 2010

An Emotional Klimt

Mixed Media Construction by Anselm Keifer

Anselm Keifer, Grosse Eisenfaust Deutschland kleine Panzerfaust D, mixed media

Marlene Dumas, Bodies as Black and White

A Sort of Silence in Things, Latifa Echakhch

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Nida Sinnokrot, "Rubber-Coated Rocks"

Stripped of Their Identity and Driven from Their Land

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The Burn Paintings of Cai Guo-Qiang

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Hair Like Smoke, or "Sans Souci #3" by Isabelle Cornaro

Type of mosaic/collage of hair and paper.
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Roccia sulla Carta, o Un Bozzetto di Jean-Christophe Lanquetin

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Scratchy Wire, Information by Laurie Palmer

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Kind of Painting by Sophie Bueno-Boutellier

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Cecily Brown, or Sex is Like Paint and Everything is Motion

Scipione, or Rome is Hell

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